INTRODUCTION – Best Motion Picture: 1968

I was just interested to do this year since almost all of them are forgotten (especially the one nominee). So, the nominees are:



Funny Girl

The Lion in Winter


Rachel, Rachel

Romeo and Juliet


Who would be my pick?


Would it be the biographical musical-drama? Or the epic drama-black comedy? Or the children’s musical drama? Or the small drama? Or the Shakespearean romance?


I’ll start with a random nominee, then the last one would be the Best Picture Winner, Oliver!.


So, dear viewer, would I go with the Academy? Or would I go with an another nominee?



Dances With Wolves


The Godfather Part III


8 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION – Best Motion Picture: 1968

  1. I’m most interested to hear about Rachel, Rachel. Looks very interesting. I absolutely despise Oliver, though! It’s such a bore, though I’m not surprised it won, the Academy loves that sort of thing. 😛


  2. I’m rooting for The Lion In Winter! I’ve seen Funny Girl, which isn’t very good apart from Streisand’s performance, and I have seen Oliver! but a long time ago. I’ve seen parts of Romeo and Juliet, but I haven’t seen Rachel, Rachel yet.


    • I’m going to see Rachel, Rachel for the first time, too. Wish me luck, Joe! And I’m sorry if I haven’t replied immediately, because I went to a 3-day celebration and I just started school today. Posting could be infrequent, but I promise I’d finish this. Thanks!


  3. I’ve never seen Oliver! and Romeo and Juliet, and honestly have no real intention of doing so anytime soon.

    The Lion in Winter looks like an obvious favorite to me, even though 2001 should’ve obviously been there.


    • Honestly, I chose this film just because I want to push myself in seeing Romeo and Juliet and Rachel, Rachel, and to revisit Oliver! and The Lion in Winter. It seems that 2001: A Space Odyssey is really the best that year.

      As of now, I’m disappointed of what I have seen with the nominees.


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