I’m already done reading ONE DAY!

After two days of turbulent reading, it has come to an end. And what a book!

  • The portion of the EARLY TWENTIES just passed by. I actually cried here because of that line concerning his gift for her – confidence or scented candle. I don’t know if it is really meant to make you cry, but I cried, because it’s so sincere.
  • The skinny-deeping portion, or maybe, from the restaurant to that, was so great. And when he applies the tanning lotion…. gosh. It works!
  • After that, it splits into two. I’m much more attached with Dexter’s storyline, but Emma’s story is no lesser than the other.
  • There is an event which took me two readings for me to understand. And when I did, I was shocked and depressed.
  • The letter from India plot line was so…. ugh, affecting. I mean, they could have already hit it off from that point, wasn’t it?
  • The ending is one of the most romantic things I have ever encountered. Ever. I mean, after this somewhat depressing yet still hopeful book, it ends with such a high pitch that it just raised my excitement for the movie (which, unfortunately, was moved further to August. rats!) Anyway, I read the last page again and again for like six straight times.
  • Maybe it really helped that I already saw Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as the couple. Argh! Perfect couple, by the way.
  • They look so good and so perfect for each other!
  • And as one reader have said, I heartily recommend this book!

Don’t they just look… beautiful? I’m saying this right now, I have never anticipated a movie like this before. And this is the first book that affected me emotionally. The other novels that I have read, though beautifully written, don’t have the emotional punch of this book.

And I want to see the movie as soon as possible! 🙂


ONE DAY Trailer

I’ve got to tell you I am so HAUNTED by this. This was such an emotional trailer for me. Anne and Jim looks great and they are very promising. They look so GREAT!

Because of this AMAZING trailer, I got addicted to the song in the  trailer, Good Life by OneRepublic, and I am having this sort of self-induced depression. Not depression, sadness. I kept thinking of the one I love the most and the what if’s. “What if she’s going to be married to someone else?” “What if I lose her?”

Maybe I took the trailer too seriously, but I’m just SO EXCITED!

There are Oscar possibilities here, I’m sure.

What do you think of ONE DAY?