INTRODUCTION – Best Motion Picture: 2012

The next year…..

For the first time in more than twenty years, the Best Picture winner did not have a Best Director nomination. For the first time in more than ten years, a foreign language film produced also abroad was nominated for the Best Picture prize. For the first time in almost ten years, the record for the youngest Best Actress nominee had been broken. For the second time, a Tarantino film has been nominated since Pulp Fiction. For the first time in almost ten years, a musical was nominated for Best Picture. For the first time in thirty years, a film earned nominations for all the acting categories.

Too many history making things the Best Picture nominees have done this year.

So, here are the nominees:




Beasts of the Southern Wild

Django Unchained

Les Miserables

Life of Pi


Silver Linings Playbook

Zero Dark Thirty


Which film would win this one?

Would it be the French drama? Or the historical action-thriller? Or the magical realist drama? Or the Tarantino Western film? Or the epic musical drama? Or the fantasy drama about a tiger? Or the historical biopic of an American president? Or the romantic drama comedy? Or the war thriller?

The arrangement of the profiles will be by lottery, then the last profile would be the Best Picture winner Argo. 🙂


So there you go.

Would I go with the Academy? Or would I go with an another nominee? Make your predictions now!