Beauty and the Beast (2017) / Deepwater Horizon (2016) / Lady Macbeth (2017)

DEEPWATER HORIZON [2016, A-/B+] – Ignore icky foreshadowing devices (there were a lot). Setup becomes more effective in dialogue. Terrific build-up. Once it hits its centerpiece, it’s exhilarating. Top-notch sound design, visuals. Surprisingly moving. A thrilling experience.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST [2017, C/C+] – Exquisite visual panache can’t really make up for the fact that the first 2/3 is emotionally empty, with no real stakes. Forgettable music too. But something happens with the ballroom scene onwards. At least it had an engaging denouement.

LADY MACBETH [2017, B+] – Deliciously opaque and distilled. Moves in a calculated pace, carefully inching in details with alarming precision. Pugh is a true force of nature. In her threatening quietness, her piercing eyes, voice, and posture suggest menace. Astonishing work.