Baby Driver (2017) / Christopher Robin (2018) / You Were Never Really Here (2018)

BABY DRIVER [2017, A-/B+] – Ace humor; of course, it’s E. Wright. Really reaches peaks when it goes dark and stakes become palpable. Cast lives up to more brutal sides of narrative, characters. Slick style makes it edgy and lean. Wish it dwelt more on the romance, but we’re cool.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN [2018, B/B-] – Was it practicing restraint in movie magic or was it simply dull? Either way, it effectively imbues necessary charm for emotional investment in an otherwise predictable, low-risk narrative. Impeccable visual effects; it’s seamless and delightful.

YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE [2018, A-] – Intense and cutting. Unafraid to immerse in the darkness of human experience. Ramsey exemplifies masterful eye; every stylistic choice aligned. Phoenix continues to reach unpredictable heights, holding it in until his terrifying implosion.

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