Upcoming TFO Awards Editions

Hello, TFO readers!

As you can notice, my blog only comes to life during Oscar season. As of the ongoing features of this blog, well, they’re not really that ongoing.

The last post for Beyond the Ballot was way back in July of last year. I loved that semi-project of mine, but there’s a lot that happened (and did not happen) to me last year that I lost any drive continuing. Not the project, but writing as well as in my other endeavors.

The last edition of the TFO Awards, honoring excellence in film for the year 2015, was finished June of last year. That was a thrilling, if exhausting ordeal to go through 234 films to look for the best of 2015. I don’t think I could do that herculean task again, given that I’m also fighting with time. Who would care about 2016 in film if I do it in 2019?

But I do that for self-closure. I also need to accept the fact that films are not my top priority anymore, and if I want to continue loving it, I need to not turn my film watching experience into a chore. That’s a passion killer.

I also cannot commit anymore to complicated video presentations like what I did during the 6th TFO Awards; it takes A LOT of time and effort.

With that, I’ve set up a long-term viewing plan that would help me close the gap between the year in film celebrated in the TFO Awards and the actual year. It is going to involve non-hectic but careful strategy so that I could finish 2016 soon and then move on with the other years in film.

Here’s what’s going to be the plan:

  • 8th TFO Awards (2016): around December 2019
  • 9th TFO Awards (2017): around June 2020
  • 10th TFO Awards (2018): around December 2020
  • 11th TFO Awards (2019): around June 2021
  • 12th TFO Awards (2020): around December 2021
  • 13th TFO Awards (2021): around August 2022

So basically, I have four years to wrap up six years in film without the unhealthy cramming of films to watch. The estimated number of films to be watched are kept at a relatively logical level so as not to interrupt the more important things in life (work, figure skating, mental health, etc.).

This 2019, the plan will involve watching mostly 2016 films but also giving time to films of 2017 and 2018 for an easier transition. The plan will also allow any interruptions in the viewing plan due to films from other years, urgent matters, among others.

If you’re still reading, I’m so sorry that this drought in my blog happened. Sucks that this blog will be celebrating its tenth anniversary to sparse and usually unattended blog posts.

I have apologized to you a lot of times now and will continue to do so.

This blog has become an integral part of my growth as an avid filmgoer to becoming a film student to actually graduating.

I hope this is not the final post of The Final Oscar.

Are you still there? Anyone?


Juan Carlos Ojano
The Final Oscar

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