2018 in Film Watching

2018 was not the best year I’ve had, and same goes with my film watching.

This year, I have watched 167 films.

Here are the number of films I have watched throughout the years:

2018: 167
2017: 195
2016: 149
2015: 171
2014: 255

Here are the best and worst films I have watched during the past year:

BEST: Call Me by Your Name (2017) [A] – watched on January 22

“Relaxed yet thrilling. Organic yet incisive. Meandering yet controlled. Felt every emotional beat. Hammer mystifying, Stuhlbarg touching, Chalamet heart-shattering. Sensual, tangible, complete. Ending cornered me, and then broke me. Feels perfect.”


WORST: Spectre (2015) [C-] – watched on January 1

“How to make James Bond boring? Drab visuals, insipid characters, distant narrative. Had a brilliant opening, but I reached a point where I just stopped caring. There’s seriously a problem when Sam Smith’s less-than-thrilling theme is not the worst part of it.”


What are your favorite film viewing experiences this past years? Share your thoughts below. Have a wonderful new year of more film watching!

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