6th TFO Awards: Opening Remarks

Good day to you.

From here in the Philippines to wherever you are, I am sending my deepest regards to you as you are reading this. I hope you will stay with me throughout the day as we unveil this year’s categories and the eventual winners.

It has been three tumultuous years of searching and screening film from 2014, in the hopes of not only determining the best of the best but also to explore the different sides of the human experience as depicted by the world cinema.

This year, films from more than fifty nations have been screened to reflect the global community of film, more connected now more than ever.

This inclusiveness in the films screened is reflected on the roster of nominees, with non-English language films nominated for Best Motion Picture while nine of the twenty individual acting nominations went to non-English language performances.

This is also the first year of the categories Best Documentary Feature and Best Achievement in Casting.

Films are windows of the vast diversity of cultures in the world. It helps us understand a nation and its people. Inasmuch as we are living in a time of glaring division and unrest, films offer a way of connecting the audience and the filmmaker, and ultimately, a person to another person.

Films highlight both the ugly and the beauty of the human experience. Films are powerful as agents of change. Whether a film tells an intimate story of love or a timely topic in our today’s society, films have the capacity to change perspectives of the filmgoing audience.

Films can give voice to the voiceless, focus on the forgotten, and importance to the neglected.

Today, we celebrate 2014. We celebrate film. We celebrate the human experience.

This is for all who loves films.

This day is for you.


Juan Carlos Ojano
The Final Oscar


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