6th TFO Awards: Introduction

Welcome to the 6th TFO Awards Season!

In this, The Final Oscar is honouring excellence in film for the year 2014.

It has been three years since 2014, but as part of this blog’s tradition of capping each film year with a recognition of the year’s best achievements in filmmaking, this year’s edition of the TFO Awards continues.

The Final Oscar hopes that you join in this celebration of the best of 2014.


Here are the important dates to remember:

March 14 (Tuesday)
08:00 PM PHT – Rules and Eligibility

March 15 (Wednesday)
08:00 PM PHT – Reminder List of Awards in Contention

March 16 (Thursday)
08:00 PM PHT – Reminder List: Best Original Song / Best Animated Feature / Best Documentary Feature

March 17 (Friday)
08:00 PM PHT – Reminder List of Eligible Productions

March 20 (Monday)
08:00 PM PHT – 6th TFO Awards: Nominations Announcement via Youtube

April 10 (Monday)
08:00 AM PHT onwards – 6th TFO Awards: Online Awards Marathon
*** The awards will start at the said time. Categories will be presented every thirty minutes throughout the whole day. The last article to be posted, the recap of the winners, will be posted at 09:00 PM PHT. ***

I hope you will be a part of this year’s celebration of films up to the day of the online awards itself.

Peace out and see you at the movies.



Juan Carlos Ojano
The Final Oscar


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