2nd TFO Awards PART 7: Actor in a Supporting Actor

The next award is:

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role




Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role


The Nominees:

Andrew Garfield – Never Let Me Go

Innocence feels so genuine. Each scene has the emotionally authentic mark on it, making his final scenes the film’s most heartbreaking.


Andrew Garfield – The Social Network

Surprisingly the immediate source of human emotion in the film, nailing the supportive friend arc with full blast and skill.


John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

Terrifying yet someone to fall back on. We never become quite sure whether he’s really on our side or not, but it adds the mystery of it which makes him extremely haunting.


Josh Hutcherson – The Kids Are All Right

Gets the curiosity of the character with the right amount of meekness and youthful angst, making his character a complete human being.


Ewan McGregor – I Love You, Philip Morris

The sweetness is so real that you just got to go with it. But aside from that, he never forgets to add multiple sides of the character.




Gold: Andrew Garfield – The Social Network

Silver: John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

Bronze: Andrew Garfield – Never Let Me Go

Runners-Up: Josh Hutcherson – The Kids Are All Right, Ewan McGregor – I Love You, Philip Morris


The Finalists:

With a character that can be as reliable as he is suspicious, only an actor like Michael Fassbender can do that in Fish Tank | Acting experience is very much evident with great comedic timing in Dustin Hoffman with his paternal role in Barney’s Version | Constructing a multi-faceted plot device out of paper thin material, Sam Rockwell proves to be an actor to look out for in Conviction | Empowered with authority everytime he’s on screen but also with a reassuring presence, Pierce Brosnan continues to do wonders in The Ghost Writer | Sensitivity in handling guilt over grief was a powerful mix with innocence, thanks to Miles Teller in Rabbit Hole | Unexpectedly heartbreaking, Cillian Murphy does most in his somewhat limited yet very effective role in Inception | Playing with teenage curiosity but fueled with more aggressive power, Ezra Miller completes the family in City Island with unfaltering skill


The Semi-Finalists:

Playing it all cool as he slowly descends to paranoia and distrust, Barry Pepper properly shows off his acting in Casino Jack | Sly, quick, approachable, enjoyable, yet discreetly greedy, Justin Timberlake is in control of Sean Parker and becomes him in The Social Network with complete ease | Beneath the hilarious comedic acts of Harrison Ford are the hinted points of loneliness and real emotions, something Morning Glory was somewhat lacking | Delivers the character with full-spirited joy, Secretariat has lot to thank to John Malkovich for enhancing the rousing excitement of the film | Equipped with natural comic instincts, Kieran Culkin provides the strongest comedy player of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World | Handling the morality play of the film’s crucial plot point, Guy Pearce show how knowledgeable he is in not letting his character be misinterpreted in The King’s Speech | As a conflicted heir in I Am Love, Flavio Parenti brings the upright man he is with restraint and conviction | Offering White Material‘s most haunting victim of circumstances, Nicolas Duvauchelle slowly shows his psychological disintegration with unabashed courage


The Shortlisted Ones:

21. Sid Lucero – Shake Rattle and Roll 12 (PUNERARYA Episode)

22. Jeremy Renner – The Town

23. Richard Jenkins – Eat Pray Love

24. Richard Jenkins – Let Me In

25. Greg Kinnear – Green Zone

26. Jon Hamm – The Town

27.  John Ortiz – Jack Goes Boating

28. Josh Brolin – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

29. Michael Douglas – Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

30. Chris Cooper – The Company Men

31. Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

32. Barry Pepper – True Grit

33. Lucas Black – Get Low

34. Bob Hoskins – Made in Dagenham

35. Billy Crudup – Eat Pray Love

36. Armie Hammer – The Social Netowrk

37. Tom Wilkinson – The Ghost Writer

38. Douglas Urbanski – The Social Network

39. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception

40. Vincent Cassel – Black Swan

41. Tom Hardy – Inception

42. Guy Pearce – Animal Kingdom

43. Oscar Isaac – Agora

44. Jonah Hill – Cyrus

45. Joel Edgerton – Animal Kingdom

46. Khalid Abdalla – Green Zone

47. Roger Allam – Tamara Drewe

48. Pete Postlethwaite – The Town

49. Bill Murray – Get Low

50. Oliver Platt – Please Give

51. Max Minghella – The Social Network

52. Adam Scott – Lovely, Still

53. Michel Gambon – The King’s Speech

54. Matt Damon – True Grit

55. Crispin Glover – Alice in Wonderland

56. Joaquin Garrido – The Kids Are All Right

57. Ed Harris – The Way Back

58. Tommy Lee Jones – The Company Men

59. Colin Farrell – The Way Back

60. Paul Bettany – The Tourist

61. Frank Langella – All Good Things

62. Stanley Tucci – Easy A

63. Samuel L. Jackson – Mother and Child

64. Ben Kingsley – Shutter Island

65. Thomas Haden Church – Easy A

66. Chris Cooper – The Town

67. Tim McGraw – Country Strong

68. Owen Wilson – How Do You Know

69. Josh Brolin – True Grit

70. Ken Watanabe – Inception




Previous Awards page:

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So far, how are your bets doing? Share your thoughts in the comment box! 🙂

3 thoughts on “2nd TFO Awards PART 7: Actor in a Supporting Actor

  1. I LOVE this list. I’m honestly thinking I agree with 4/5 of these, with Ruffalo replacing McGregor for me.

    I’ve long thought I was the only supporter of Hutcherson in TKAAR (waaay before his Hunger Games fervor), so I’m glad to see you enjoyed him too! Both Garfield perfs are phenomenal. The actual Oscar nominees in this category were great too, even with all these wonderful alternatives.

    Interesting that neither Rush nor Bale made Top 70 for you. LOL.


  2. Hey, I noticed that you put Toy Story 3 in the shortlist for Best Ensemble, even though it’s a vocal ensemble. If you’re going to cite a vocal ensemble, how come you’re not citing individual performances? Ned Beatty’s vocal talent made a fluffy pink teddy bear INTIMINDATING. It seems only fair that he should warrant a mention on your Top 70.


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