Why no recent posts?

As you may have noticed, I haven’ t posted anything in my little blog since August 15. I’m just going to do what Dinasztie had done to settle any rumor to immediate rest,

I”m not quitting on writing in this blog. Never, ever. I am just too busy to actually post here.

Actually, just to let you know, I have already seen the other two movies for 2001 and they already have ratings, I already had prepared the next two years to be tackled in this blog, I have already updated my predictions for this year’s Oscars, I have seen a few 2011 movies already (and I’m actually going to endorse one film in the Foreign Language Film).

So, you see, my movie habit is not dead. maybe I was less enthusiastic this time because of all the academic burdens that I have (Physics, to be exact), and I am in my last year in high school (I’m 16 years old, people, and I just celebrated my birthday last September 18, if you are interested to know that) so to the other people, especially bloggers older than me, you know how hard senior life is.

I will still post, but don’t expect that I am going to be able to post diligently. I’m sorry if this will disappoint anyone, but I also have a life outside. I have two lives: as a person and as a blogger, and I know I have to keep this blog alive, but I also need to set priorities.

Again, apologies if this will disappointed or make anyone offended or whatsoever, I am sorry. It is also very hard for me not to post in this blog. This is my outlet for my movie habit. Without this blog, I would be talking movies on my own. But with the community of people I met here, I was inspired.

This is not a farewell, okay? Just a reminder that I am a busy person right now, but I never forget to check the other blogs that I visit. And I read your posts EVERYDAY.

Okay, so much for that.


From a busy, confused, movie-loving, fourth year high school student.


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