What happened? (83rd Academy Awards – Results and Opinions)

I tried not to be spoiled by the results of the show because I watched the replay of it, and I have to watch it a day after the live telecast, and it was at 10:30 PM! That’s why I didn’t watch the news for a day, I didn’t connect to the net for a day to move away from all spoilers. Unfortunately, a bitch (as in evil bitch) intentionally spoiled me with the BEST PICTURE! The hell with that woman. Okay, nevermind. I still watched the rplay, and stayed up late until 1 AM. The next day, I was sleepy at school.

About the ceremony, it kinda sucked. The opening montage of Anne and James in the movies were hilarious, the memoriam was wonderful, Sandra Bullock brings the only big laughs from the show, but the rest . . . I don’t know. James was too bored to host, that’s why Anne was forced to do much. The script was definitely poor, and this is could be one of the least enjoyable Oscar ceremonies that I have ever watched. The laughs can be counted by hand, there were a lot of failed punch lines which made me pity for Anne, and the crowd in the Kodak Theater didn’t seem to be really that excited.

  • Melissa Leo’s cringe worthy acceptance speech. I love her shock, but what she did on the stage? Hated it. Looked like she rehearsed it.
  • I almost cannot hear Randy Newman sing.
  • Steve Spielberg . . . . . AGAIN!?!?!?!?!? If they do this next year again . . .
  • Tom Hooper. . . . . really???
  • James Franco in drag . . . was this really necessary?
  • James is bored.
  • Anne tried to save it, but went a bit too much.
  • Bad hosting from Franco. They looked gorgeous, but Anne should have taken it alone.
  • GET A SCRIPT WRITER, ACADEMY! ! ! ! ! Have pity on the millions of people who sacrifice time to watch the ceremonies. Maybe they should have taken Aaron Sorkin for script writer?

Okay, enough of that. Here is the results of my predictions:

  • Picture: CORRECT
  • Director: WRONG (Hooper for TKS, not Fincher for TSN)
  • Actor: CORRECT
  • Actress: CORRECT
  • Supporting Actor: CORRECT
  • Supporting Actress: CORRECT
  • Original Screenplay: CORRECT
  • Adapted Screenplay: CORRECT
  • Cinematography: CORRECT
  • Film Editing: CORRECT
  • Sound Mixing: CORRECT
  • Sound Editing: CORRECT
  • Original Music Score: WRONG (The Social Network, not Inception)
  • Visual Effects: CORRECT
  • Make-Up: CORRECT
  • Costume Design: WRONG (Alice in Wonderland, not The King’s Speech)
  • Art Direction: WRONG (Alice in Wonderland, not The King’s Speech)
  • Original Song: WRONG (“We Belong Together”, not “I See The Light”)
  • Animated Feature: CORRECT


  • Most Unpredictable: Picture, Director, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Original Music Score, Original Song
  • Most Predictable: Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Screenplay (Adap & Orig), Film Editing, Sound (Mix & Edit), Visual Fx, Animated Feature
  • Most Shocking: Director, Supp. Actress, Original Music Score, Costume Design, Art Direction
  • Score: 14/19 Not really bad for me, considering how tight the competitions are!
  • Last Year’s Core: 14/19 Still there. Needs progress for the next year! ! !


So, did you do well with your predictions? Do you think the winners deserved to win? Or not? Do you agree that The King’s Speech is the Best Picture of 2010? Drop it in the comment box! 🙂


6 thoughts on “What happened? (83rd Academy Awards – Results and Opinions)

    • Definitely. Having not seen Kidman yet, I am really proud to say that Portman was absolutely the best of the bunch, though anyone from that bunch could have been deserving.

      Me too. I’m in desperate need of rewatch of TKS. Thought it was really accomplished, but some uninteresting parts, and there were just better films than that. Still, it may change.


  1. how did you do in the long run? I think I have 17/24. I did fine with Inside Job & Strangers No More – but I did wrong with:

    – Short Film
    – Short Animated
    – Director
    – Cinematography
    – Song
    – Score
    – Art Direction


    • I was wrong with:

      Director (Fincher)
      Original Music Score (Inception)
      Art Direction (The King’s Speech)
      Costume Design (the King’s Speech)
      Original Song (Tangled)

      Didn’t post these, but I was wrong with:
      Foreign Language (Biutiful)
      Animated Short (Day and Night)

      Wasn’t able to guess Animated short and Docu short

      So that makes…… 15/22. For me not really bad since it was def. a strong year. 🙂


  2. The only thing I really found surprising at all was the fact that the King’s Speech did not receive a single bonus award. I do not think Hooper winning was surprising, as I predicted correctly his win. It is best to trust the DGA, and not best against the Best Picture/Director line up.


    • I thought it was gonna get at least Art Direction and Costume Design, given the strong support for the film. And I also really believed that there will be a BP/ BD split because of the strong support for the two.


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