What’s for the next year?

Well, I haven’t done a year for quite a while since I just finished series of tense writing for 2009, and I was busy predicting (though you didn’t see a lot of it). I can’t decide for a year. 2005 is totally in consideration (as suggested by Joe), but I haven’t seen one of the nominees yet, and I would have to spend some money to get the one.

But aside from that, I really want to get the consensus of the readers on what year should I really do next. I prepared some years and, along with 2005 and other years, and please vote on the poll below for me to determine the next year. The poll will close at January 27, the date where I plan to get my copy of The Social Network. 🙂

So, please vote now!

I’ll stop counting votes in January 27, night. (Pacific time). After that, I’ll remove the poll and post the results.

Please comment on the post - don't just read it! Lemme hear your thoughts.

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