INTRODUCTION: Best Motion Picture: 1988

Okay, I could have done other years, but I’m really curious to see Mississippi Burning for the first time so, here it is. The nominees are:


The Accidental Tourist

Dangerous Liaisons

Mississippi Burning

Rain Man

Working Girl


Who would be my pick?


Would it be the psychological drama? Or the erotic costume drama? Or the social drama? Or the buddy-road drama? Or the romantic-comedy-drama?


I want to see that one nominee as soon as possible, but I’ll torture myself for a while. Of course, the last profile would be for the winner, Rain Man.


So, dear reader, would I go with the Academy? Or would I go with an another nominee?



6 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION: Best Motion Picture: 1988

  1. I think you might go with Working Girl. I have seen all except Dangerous Liaisons, and I do not really like any of the four that much.


  2. I’m on the same boat: the only one I haven’t seen is Mississippi… because it seems such an uncomfortable film!

    this is a strange line-up, but even so: I kinda like the 4 I’ve seen, one of which I respect a lot and another one being a crazy feel-good movie I kept seeing over and over again on tv 🙂

    as a wild guess, Dangerous and Rain Man will be your favorites, with Dangerous getting the first place


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