INTRODUCTION – Best Motion Picture: 1990

So, this is my first year for the Best Picture Project!


This is not my first choice in this category for my blog-a-thon. But since I accidentally met my long-lost Dances With Wolves, I can now do it.  I haven’t seen it, but let’s see. So, the nominees are:


Dances With Wolves


The Godfather Part III



Who would be my pick?


Would it be the hospital drama? Or the western epic? Or the mystery-thriller-drama-romance-comedy-horror? Or the final installment of the epic gangster trilogy? Or the violent gangster drama?


I’ll start with a random nominee, then the last would be the Best Picture Winner, Dances With Wolves.


So, dear viewer, would I go with the Academy? Or would I go with an another nominee?


Because of this project, I decided to go away with the norm of having stars. And because Meryl Streep is my all time favorite actress (I mean it, all time), I decided to use her as my rating system, the MERYLS!

5 MERYLS would be the highest.

1 MERYL would be the lowest.


I’m quite sure I won’t give zero ratings because that’s impossible. Even if the film itself is not fully deserving of the nomination, I’m sure there’s something that gave the Academy the will to give a movie a nomination (The Blind Side of last year as an example, though I haven’t seen it yet).

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