I’m pleased to announce the names of the bloggers that are part of the !st smackdown held in The Final Oscar, the SMACKDOWN: 2008 Best Picture.

The Members of the 1st Smackdown Jury

(in alphabetical order of blog)

Kevin of Awkward is What We Aim For

Louis of Best Actor

Andrew of Encore’s World of Film and TV

Robert of His Eyes Were Watching Movies

Joe of Oscarfan

Walter of The Silver Screening Room


it’s me!

Malcolm of The Final Oscar

NOTE: To the two smackdowners who haven’t submitted their analysis yet, I’d still wait before I post the results. And I’m still hoping that you’d do. And if you do so, I will edit this so you will have the correct recognition in your part in this smackdown. Apologies if I ever offended one.

So, it’s just hours before the posting of the results. I’m excited! How about you?

2 thoughts on “The MEMBERS OF THE SMACKDOWN: 2008 BEST PICTURE are……

    • Yea, me too!

      I’ll post the results maybe afternoon or evening in my time since the time in my place is the direct reciprocal of New York’s. But, I don’t see things to halt it any longer. Maybe just hours after this. Just need to make the post really a presentable one.


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