SMACKDOWN: 2008 Best Picture

This is the first smackdown I’m going to officiate. I hope so. I hope you join me in this SMACKDOWN!

So, the category is BEST MOTION PICTURE and the year is 2008!

The Nominees are………

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



The Reader

Slumdog Millionaire

If you’re going to join, please e-mail me in my address:

If you’re going to give a review, please add a summary and place if it will get one star, two stars, three stars, four stars, or five stars.

And I promise, no favoritism!

I’ll be waiting. I hope you join

**** I mailed some bloggers I view regularly and asked them if they would like to join. If you’re interested, just email me. Thanks! ****

**** And I’ll set the date when would I release the results. Please e-mail me immediately whether you will join or not. So I can set a date. ****

***** !!!!!EDIT!!!!! *****

So, the format of the mail you will send me in case you will join is here:

1. Title of Nominee

2. Analysis/Summarized Thoughts

3. Star Rating (1 to 5, no half stars or zero stars please)

4. Analysis/Summarized Thoughts of the BP Line Up or the year itself

and the deadline is………….

April 29, 2010!!!!!

and then results will be posted on……………

May 2, 2010!!!!!!!!

So, join me, together with other bloggers, to look back at 2008 in movies!

Comment here!

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