Last OSCAR Movie Seen: The Accused (1988)

Winner of:

Best Lead Actress – Jodie Foster

The hell! I didn’t imagine how real the rape scene. I wanna look away from the screen as it was so violent. And yet, I want to see it because it’s so beautifully done (I’m kind of being a sadist here) and Jodie Foster stayed in her character even if it was just getting hot in there because they were so much having fun there. She didn’t just go for those simple “No! No! No!” She was doing it with character. And I felt awe because unlike in her performance in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, here, she has her somewhat childish scenes while she’s drunk, and that kind of reflected her performance in TAXI DRIVER. Maybe most of those who have watched it emphasized the scene in the victim’s point of view. But, weirdly though, I got it from the point of view of the spectators. And, yeah, the Scorpion guy is so creepy.  Hell, I bet somebody got turned on in that scene (those guys) because if you’re kind of exposed in hardcore porno, then you may not view it as a rape. But, I saw it in two ways: a cruel crime in Sarah’s POV, and a pleasurable experience ( in the rapists’ POV). (Not being a maniac here.)

Moving away from the rape scene, both actresses have the edge – Foster and McGillis. McGillis have the longer running time, but Jodie has it. Oscar well deserved! And I thought McGillis was a Best Supporting Actress nominee. She wasn’t. Aside from that, it’s a daring look at rape. It’s horrific. Not for the squeamish. Not for the conservative. Not for the unready. Not for the easily scared. But this is a film for those who want to see rape in a way that it’s not a totally unpleasant way, since you got  wonderful performances from THE ACCUSED DUO (McGillis and Foster).

NOTE: I’m having a hard time im picking my Best Actress of 1988. Would it be Close, Foster, Griffith, and Weaver? I haven’t seen Streep yet. My pick changes constantly. Foster’s my pick right now.

Final Rating: 7/10

90% comes from Foster and McGillis. 5% comes from the rape scene. 5% from the film itself. Kind of a TV movie, yet still a cinematic force from 1988.

Best Scene: Duh… the rape scene…..


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