NINE Best Original Songs: Cinema Italiano or Take It All?

So, what would you prefer to be nominated for Best Original Song, “Cinema Italiano” or “Take It All” ?

Or would you prefer both of them to be nominated?

Or none of them deserve to be nominated?

So, here’s the two videos:

Cinema Italiano

Take It All


2 thoughts on “NINE Best Original Songs: Cinema Italiano or Take It All?

  1. umm i would actually choose Take it All because i thought it had more emotions and strenght than Cinema Italiano although that one was more entertaining and fun.
    Plus Marion was amazing, and she did that number very well. I love the lyrics of the song, so powerful!


    • I completely agree.

      Take It All was this sexy slow song-dance and, yes, it is full of emotions.

      I was imagining that Cinema Italiano was originally made to be placed at the start or just one of Guido’s productions. And, while it’s much more entertaining, and it’s so beautiful musically, it had less emotions, just as watching the number.

      I haven’t seen the whole movie yet. But I saw the two musical numbers. Cinema Italiano is my favorite number, as of now.

      Anyway, both deserve Oscar nominations, as I think, based on the song alone.


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